ShippingCalc Plugin for Mals Ecommerce

What is the Shipping Calculator Plugin for Mals Ecommerce?

The Paid Shipping Plugin greatly increases the functionality of your shopping cart by providing to your customers real-time accurate shipping rates for the carrier services you offer, and allows your customer to select the one they prefer. Our seamless “Plugin” technology allows for the easiest possible set-up of our plugin for Mal’s e-commerce vendors, and makes the limited shipping options offered by the Mal's cart a thing of the past.

Using the plugin, your shoppers will be able to select shipping rate and service of their choice from the various carrier services you offer. The shipping rates are based on the weight of the items in the cart and the location to which the order is to be shipped. Our shipping engine knows how to account for a variety of factors such as packaging materials and multiple packages.  You will also be able to easily include handling charges and bundle them in with the shipping rates for additional profits.

Is our Mals Plugin the best choice for you?

AuctionInc provides a variety of products which access our shipping rate technology. The Mal's Shopping Cart Plugin is the right choice for you if:
  • You are already using the e-Commerce Shopping Cart
  • You want the particular features and payment options that the Mals cart offers
  • You need inventory control (offered by the various Product Catalog plugins for Mals)
  • You do not want to write code to use our Shipping Calculator API (which allows you to use our shipping calculator technology with most e-commerce site or carts )

Is our own ShopCart a better choice for you?

  • If you ship light, larger items where dimensional weight surcharges or oversize charges may apply, our own cart, ShopCart, will quote you more accurate rates than our plugin for Mals. This is because your Mals cart does not collect item dimensions, and our cart does.
  • If you ship some products separately in their own box, and some together with other products, our own cart supports this while
    our plugin, which assumes your products can all ship together, cannot.
  • If you ship from multiple origins, our own cart fully supports ship rates for items from different origins in the same cart.

Why use a Shipping Calculator?

It is an established fact that shipping costs are a major factor in the abandonment of shopping carts.  Typically this is caused either by fixed shipping prices that are too high, or simply a lack of providing shipping costs at all until the checkout process is already underway.  The conclusion?  Your chances of success improve if you provide your customers with accurate rates which are available at any point during the shopping process.

That's exactly what our plugin will provide.  Your customer, by entering their zip code, can immediately view comparative shipping rates from all the carrier services you decide to offer.  The rates are "real-time", using the weight of the items in the cart, configurable in a variety of ways, and accurate.   When your customer is ready to checkout, they pick the carrier service they prefer, and the cost of that service is added to the cart.  Their selected service is indicated in your Mals order so you can ship the order correctly.

 You can also use shipping to help entice your shoppers to purchase more by using our shipping discount features. By offering tiered shipping discounts, shoppers are more inclined to purchase more items to capitalize on a discounted shipping rate.

Shipping calculations are becoming more and more  important to the Internet’s ecommerce business model, and smart business managers are scrambling to be able to offer accurate calculated shipping rates during the shopping process.

Benefits include:
  • Never lose money again on shipping calculation errors  or flat rate shipping
  • Convert more shoppers into customers by removing concerns over shipping and by offering accurate rates
  • Tiered shipping promotional discounts increase conversion rates and order sizes
  • Increase customer satisfaction and repeat orders by being able to offer reasonable shipping charges.
  • Improved customer service since your shoppers now are able to have a choice as to the cost and speed of delivery of their items
  • Stream-lined user interface makes it easy for your customers to checkout

Features include:

  • Domestic Shipping Rates (USPS, UPS, FedEx)
  • International Shipping Rates (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL)
  • Limit International shipping to only the countries you ship to
  • Insurance automatically calculated base on order value
  • Promotional Tiered Shipping Discounts
  • Support for multiple packages
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Simple Setup - be up and running in minutes

Take a look at our Mals Demo Store and see how streamlined and simple the process is to determine shipping rates and checking out. Selling with Mals-e has never been easier.

Check out a few of our customers using the Mals Plugin: