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AuctionInc Real-Time Shipping Rates API

"Auctioninc's shipping API service is very useful and robust and has exceeded my expectations. The API itself is very simple and straightforward to implement, yet the features are rich and flexible . Auctioninc's API engine is very efficient. The elapsed time of most of my requests is under 700ms and I have not experienced any downtime. This API and service have dramatically improved my customers' shopping experience and reduced my order processing time. I am completely satisfied with this service and will recommend it to others. "
-Hansen Wang,


Why Lose A Customer Over Shipping?

Paidís Shipping API provides website and e-commerce venues the ability to integrate a shipping rating, comparison, and packaging engine into an existing website or application. We provide developers access to a pre-built software module using a well defined data structure and subroutine calls. Calls to Paidís web service return shipping calculations based upon your business rules and shipping preferences, which can then be exposed to your shoppers.  The shipping API is a way for programmers to enhance or add shipping calculation functionality into an existing product.

Common Uses:

  • E-commerce platforms looking to incorporate shipping calculations for their vendors.
  • Programmers and developers who need to provide shipping quotes for their web store.
  • Mail-order call centers that need to provide quick shipping quotes over the phone.
  • Hosting companies looking to improve /add shipping calculations in to an existing shopping cart.
  • Integrated into the Rainworx and PHP ProBid auction platforms.
  • Free extension module available for Zen Cart.
  • Free plug-in module available for WooCommerce.
  • Plug-In Modules available for other popular carts, including Magento and X-Cart.
  • Integrated into the Level Four Storefront flash cart.

Shipping Calculator API Diagram


  • Never lose money again on shipping calculation errors
  • Convert more shoppers into customers by removing concerns over shipping
  • Tiered shipping promotional discounts increase conversion rates and order sizes
  • Improved customer satisfaction since your shoppers now are able to have a choice as to the cost and speed of delivery of their items
  • Reduce Costs - High costs are involved to internally develop and maintain APIs to multiple carrier. The Shipping API requires only one API for all carriers domestic and internationally which helps to development costs.
  • Rapid Deployment - Our web service uses industry standard XML over HTTP making it simple to integrate your application regardless of software language or hardware platform. Software Development Toolkits available for various languages makes integration a snap.


  • One API call returns rates for services across ALL carriers
  • No carrier accounts required
  • Multiple shipping origins supported
  • Through our "XS" API version, supports unlimited sellers
  • Domestic Shipping Rates from FedEx, UPS and USPS
  • International shipping rates from  DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS
  • Calculate shipping of multiple items/packages in a single API call
  • Sophisticated packaging algorithm correctly "splits" items into multiple packages
    automatically based on a variety of item, seller and carrier settings
  • Supports items consisting of multiple units (i.e. set of 4 wheels)
  • Factor in box and pack materials weight
  • Dimensional weight supported
  • Insurance automatically calculated base on order value
  • Support for 3rd party insurance (i.e. U-Pic, PIP)
  • Promotional Tiered Shipping Discounts based on order value
  • Unlimited drop-ship locations
  • Flexible handling Fees at the order, package, carrier service levels
  • Comprehensive support for USPS & FedEx pre-paid fixed rate
    shipping boxes (i.e. "flat rate" boxes & envelopes) 
  • SDK Toolkit available for PHP
  • Various detail levels available for inspecting rate
    components and packaging detail
  • Many, many more...

API Plug-Ins for Third Party Carts

AuctionInc offers plug-in extensions for various popular ecommerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Magento, Zen Cart and others. Please go here to read more about our plug-ins.

Thinking about using the Carrier APIs directly?
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API Pricing

We want you to use our API, and we have priced it accordingly!

"SS" Single Seller API (Retail Customers):

For a low fixed rate of $25 monthly, you may call into our API up to 10,000 times per month and gain access to our cutting-edge shipping engine technology. This threshold accommodates all but the very largest sellers (overages are charged at one cent per call). Save even more with an annual payment: just $250 (in advance) for a whole year. (Call us if you prefer this plan.)  These rates assume that you will be using our API on one site and supporting one single seller via our "SS" calls. Our retail accounts prohibit integrating the API into a commercial product or service (with some exceptions for some business models), and prohibit reselling the data from our API. 

"XS" Multi-Seller API (Integrators/Resellers):

Our "XS" calls, available to integrators only, supports unlimited sellers. (Integrators are intermediaries, such as cart products or auction platforms, that are managing multiple sellers.) We offer a variety of flexible pricing plans or even revenue shares for integrator accounts.  Please call us so we may discuss with you what method of integration will meet your needs and what pricing models are appropriate.  We offer a development account for you to get you started.  Our toll-free phone:  866-323-8833.

Our API Customers

Here is a small sampling of customers using our Shipping Rates API:
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International Institute for Learning
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