About Us

AuctionInc is all about accurate shipping calculations.  We developed our products to meet our own needs, we use them ourselves, and we understand shipping from the inside out.

AuctionInc was founded in 1997 as a person-to-person auction platform specializing in sports collectibles.  In 1999 we moved operations to Ebay, to reduce overhead and increase visibility. As we continued to grow, however, the lack of a shipping calculator on eBay became more of a constraint, leading to very time-consuming customer management and order processing.  Each listing generated many pre-sale inquiries on shipping cost, and each sale required email or phone exchanges with the customer to determine shipping methods and fees.

So we built our own. Our calculator for eBay dramatically improved our efficiency and customer relations, When other eBay sellers begain contacting us and asking for our shipping calculator for their own listings, we decided to offer our calculator commercially and AiShip, the first shipping calculator for eBay, was born.

Over time we have evolved our technology into a full product line including plugin calculators for major ecommerce platforms including Magento, WooCommerce, Zen Cart, etc, our own shopping cart with integrated calculator, and our API for direct access into our shipping engine.  Our focus has always been on the most accurate rates and best customer service. Over the years, the unique capabilities AuctionInc has engineered have been recognized by our portfolio of patents granted for our shipping calculation technology. Our first patent was approved in 2008, and since then four additional patents have been added.  We continue to develop enhanced capabilities and retain our position at the "cutting edge" of accurate comparative carrier shipping calculations for ecommerce.

Today, there are tens of thousands of customers who have used Auctionincís products to sell their merchandise or complete their orders. Hundreds of thousands have used AuctionIncís shipping calculators and carts to expedite their Internet shopping experience.

AuctionInc is a division of Paid, Inc. a publicly traded company (ticker: PAYD).