Joining Our AuctionInc Affiliate Program is Free!

Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program. The goal of this program is to increase our reach and market penetration of our ecommerce and auction products.

This attractive program offers rewards and benefits for all our customers. It is very simple and we do all the work tracking referrals, creating banners, and issuing checks. All you have to do is display our banners with your affiliate id and collect your money.

Read the chart below for affiliate rewards

Paid ShopCart


Extension Modules


Mals Plugin


aiShip for eBay


Paid ShipCalc


Paid Shipping API


You do not need to be an AuctionInc customer to participate in the program. All you need is a website that meets our approval guidelines and a desire to earn money. By simply placing links to us on your website, you can start generating Real Profits!

Our Affiliate program is very versatile and has almost no boundaries. Here are a few examples of our affiliate program in use; online auctions, classified ads, websites, online stores, newsletters, forums and messageboards.

    Benefits Of Joining
    • Earn money by just using our product

    • Increase your customer satisfaction with our tools

    • Provide accurate zone-based and fixed fee shipping calculations on your listings

    • The more you refer, the easier it is to use our products for free

    • 60% of our new signups come from eBay listings or website referrals

    Getting Started Is Easy!

    Read our Affiliate Agreement and choose to sign up. If you have any questions they can be sent to We will review your web site. After review AND acceptance into our program, you will be notified. Once you have been notified that you have been approved you should do the following:

    1. Go to the main page of the AuctionInc site and log in
    2. Click the "Your Account" button
    3. Once you have clicked "Your Account", you will see an Affilliate link. Click the Affiliate link
    4. Once you have clicked this link a page will pop up containing several banners with the HTML that you should use when posting the banner

    You can check your affiliate activity at any time from within your AuctionInc account.  We send out your reward payments quarterly.