WP eCommerce Shipping Plugin: Accurate Real-time Shipping Rates

Our WP eCommerce ShippingCalc Plugin instantly provides access to our Shipping Rates API with no programming costs and allows you to integrate accurate comparative rates from multiple carriers (DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS) into your store. Many advanced features are included such as drop-shipping from multiple origins, USPS flat rate box calculations, insurance, flexible handling, packaging material weight, and many more. Our technology is especially unique in its capability to accurately generate rates for items/quantities that must be packed into multiple boxes.


Guide to Plugin Integration

  1. Download the ShippingCalc plugin and install to your WP eCommerce platform
    (Plugins => Add New => Upload in your WordPress admin).
  2. Activate the plugin on your WP eCommerce Settings Shipping tab.
  3. Go to the Shipping tab of your WP eCommerce settings page.
  4. Select "AuctionInc" and check the Enable/Disable checkbox.
  5. Go to AuctionInc and register for our WP eCommerce Plugin.
  6. Complete our Setup Wizard.
  7. Enter our provided API Account Key into your WP eCommerce AuctionInc plugin settings page.
  8. Configure the options offered on your WP eCommerce AuctionInc shipping plugin page. 
  9. For items where your configured default settings don't apply, modify the AuctionInc settings on your Product page.


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Enable AuctionInc ShippingCalc Module   Configure AuctionInc ShippingCalc Module General Settings   Set Specific AuctionInc Product Settings