Endicia Internet Postage is a new service that allows you to print postage directly on your mailpieces using an award winning mailpiece design tool from the comfort of your home. Endicia lets you print postage for all the Package Services as well as First Class parcels, Priority Mail, and Express Mail. Choose the service that best meets your needs: Package Services for low cost, Express Mail for best delivery time, or First Class/Priority Mail for quick delivery at a reasonable cost.

The integration with AuctionInc requires the Premium Endicia Service. Click here to register for Endicia's Premium Service.


Premium Service Features of Endicia:


  • Stealth Printing labels hides the postage amount, so you can charge fair S&H fees without worry.
  • Printing from an XML File will allow batch printing of domestic addresses that have different postage requirements.
  • Return Reply Postage allows you to create labels that your customers can use to return shipments to you.
  • Advanced Web-Based Account Reports which includes package lookup and delivery statistics.
  • Printing a Receipt can be very useful for customers who want to print the invoice number on the label or print a “receipt”.
  • Business Reply Mail is great for getting feedback and promotions from your customers with postage paid mailers.
  • Mail Design Tool that helps you create beautiful envelopes, labels, flyers, and postcards.
  • USPS Package Services including First Class Mail, Postcards, Priority Mail, electronic Delivery Confirmation, and Express Mail.

To take a tour of Endicia's product, goto their website or Click Here.

Specialized Printing
Design your mailers
Custom labels
Stealth print postage
Account Transactions
Detailed reporting

To start using Endicia today with AuctionInc signup for an Endicia Premium Account.

If you already have an account, read our FAQ on how to use DAZzle in your aiSeller account.


Benefits of Using Endicia
  • Save Time
    No need to stand in line at the Post Office, fill out Delivery Confirmation forms, or buy stamps. With Endicia Internet Postage, you send Package Services with electronic Delivery Confirmation right from your home or office.

  • Save Money
    No expensive meter leases; no excess stamps; and our address verification reduces costly returned mail.

  • Enjoy Faster Delivery
    We bar-code your mail so it's automation ready.

  • Mail Design Tool
    Endicia Internet Postage is based on an award-winning mailpiece design tool that lets you design envelopes, postcards, and labels with color graphics, logos, pictures, text messages, and rubber stamps.

  • Account for Your Mail
    Keep a record of your postage transactions and let Endicia Premium give you delivery and tracking statistics on all your trackable mail. Minimum, maximum, and average delivery times listed by mail class.