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Here are a few unsolicited remarks from our customers:

"Your company was a light at the end of a long tunnel of frustrating research into shopping carts for my website. I am so thankful for your awesome cart with it's many features, ease of use, excellent/friendlytechnical support, & amazing low price. When I first checked out your cart, I thought it was too good to be true. I figured there had to be a catch somewhere. But there just isn't one. EVERY Internet business owner should know about this!! I will strongly endorse your product to anyone who asks me. THANK YOU!!"

Margaret Dollas

" I've spent the last few weeks going down many dead-end web-trails on the internet looking into various shopping cart scenarios and pay schemes, and I've come to the conclusion that your Company's cart is the best, most seamless and user-friendly. Thanks again for your help! ."

Ronald Kalstein

"I have been creating candle buttons for my site. I am pleased with how easy it was to create the drop down options for color and scents. I am also pleased with how easy it was to set up the shipping calculator.  If only taking good pictures were as easy!


"Far and away, the Paid ShopCart's real-time shipping charge functionality is its biggest advantage over other solutions - it's priceless. It allows you to show shipping charges much more easily than with the Yahoo shopping cart. It also seamlessly integrates with Paypal, so it has the look of the Paypal cart but can process credit cards with fewer clicks. We compared other solutions for more than a month and, after seeing how much better Paid's ShopCart is, I wouldn't go with anyone else's product."

Chad Scott, Owner

"I've researched a LOT of carts and this one is the first I've found that's inexpensive and does everything I want it to do. The shipping calculator piece is really important, as other products don't do shipping correctly. Thanks alot!"

Carolyn, Owner

"I would just like to say how much I like and appreciate you offering this service. I have seen my fixed price items on eBay sell faster and more of my auction items selling now that the buyer can get exact shipping cost immediately and compare shipping cost by the different carriers. I really feel you are increasing my sales."

Murray Sloan
ebay handle: Murphy1943

"I searched for weeks for a shopping cart like this. It offers various shipping options that can easily integrate with paypal, along with additional features like drop down menus and shipping promotions that will definitely please your customers!"

Alex Sherman

A small sampling of sites using our cart & shipping calculator:


Hobbies / Games / Sports

Adrenalin Dreams
Designer Gore
Derby Magic
Carnival Depot 
Card Club USA
Buckets O Fun
Heavenly Handspinning
Pokemon Cards
Stinger Paintball Designs
Wisconsin Wagon


Lure Lighting
Eurolite Cases
Ad Infinitum
Brite Strike Tactical Illimination
MaxBotix Range Finders
Meerkat Systems
Apex Value
Replacement Light Bulbs
Redman CB Radio Equipment
Night Vision Experts


Rain Film
The Noobstore
12 Dogs of Christmas
Songs of Denmark
Soul Blues Music
Psyko Punk Productions
Scare Tactix Graphix
BeatBucket Drums
Waynes Comic Closet

Food & Beverage

Haunted Hot Sauce
Chocolate Covered Everything
Aroma Bliss
La Abuela Mexican Foods
Brookfield Maple Products
Welch's Maple Products
Manzanita Creek Winery
Moniclaire Vineyards
Key West Key Lime Pie
Fine Products International
Guy's Seasonings
Two Snooty Chefs
Papa Johns Peanuts
Rev Marvins BBQ Sauce
Merritt-Pop Popcorn
Cheesecake Delite
New York Flavor
Brittle Bark
Java Distribution
Shippey Vineyards

Pets and Pet Supplies

Koi & Things
Rainbow Landing Nectar
Franks Aquarium
Quality Care Plus
Earthblend Super Premium Dog Food
The DogWorks

Health & Beauty

Comfort Lift Pillow
CR Herman David
Solomon's Seal
DellaGrotte Core Integration
Head Room Productions
One Sanctuary
Lifetimer International
LuckyBuck Jewelry
Johnny Q Hair Care
Kaplan East Coast Tattoo Supply
Pace Weights
China Medicine Mall
White Pear Nourishment

Education and Culture

Nichiren Shu
Book Man
Center for Touch Drawing
Popular Kinetics Press 
Human Resource Development Enterprises
Mysticus Publishing
Songs of Denmark
106 Yards
Soul Blues Music

Collectibles / Gifts / Clothing

The Island Palace
Plain Jane Shop 
Narnia Studios
The Herbal Nook 
The KwikPitt Company 
BCD Golf
Buck Woodcraft
Karens Kottage
The Turtle Factory
Stitched and Stamped
Roughneck City
ABC Imports
Vans Triple Crown
Table Rock Llamas Fiber Art Studio
Shells of Aquarius
Vine Street Designs
The Noobstore
Photo Flashbacks
US Silkflower

Other Merchandise

Artist Brushstrokes
DiMac Designs
Case Club
Micron Filters
Buckaroo Businesses
Funky Furniture & Stuff
Loyal Business Machines 
Hartline Portable Shower
H & M Abrasives
EUBMW Motorcycle Parts
More Than A Mailbox
Northwest Ironworks 
Oleo Acres Farrier Supply 
Weil Farms
Saint Obnoxious
The Nature Collection
Kirby Restaurant Equipment
Ahlstrand Marine
Into the Fire
Plastic Printers
Pine Straw Direct
Durapak Supplies