OpenCart ShippingCalc Plugin: Accurate Multi-Carrier Real-time Shipping Rates

Our ShippingCalc plugin for OpenCart provides you with immediate support for quoting rates for all domestic and international package services from multiple carriers (DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS) into your store. Many advanced features including drop-shipping from multiple origins, USPS flat rate box calculations, insurance, flexible handling charges, packaging material weight, and many more. Our technology is especially unique in its capability to accurately generate rates for items/quantities that must be packed into multiple boxes. 

  • Intelligent packaging for multiple items
  • Shipping rates utilize your item dimensions for accurate rates
  • Domestic and international services supported from any origin 
  • Carrier accounts not required
  • Advanced capabilities for determining correct fit into USPS flat rate boxes
  • Debug Mode
  • Orders include packaging data used to generate selected rate 
  • Separate configuration for packing materials weight  
  • Supports both flat rate and carrier-calculated rates
  • Configure handling per item, package, or order 
  • Charge handling by flat fee or percentage
  • Determine insurance cost based on value
  • Supports items limited to particular services
  • Discounts or free shipping based on the order price
  • Supports shipping from multiple origins
  • All accessorial carrier charges supported 
  • Offer pickup or delivery based on zip code range 

There are many available plugins to help merchants ship their orders, but none with the capabilities we offer with our ShippingCalc for OpenCart, powered by AuctionInc�s patented shipping rate calculator. "Take the guess out of shipping�, so the shipping prices quoted to your customers are accurate based on your unique business needs.


OpenCart ShippingCalc Plugin
 Quick Links

Guide to Plugin Intstallation

     vQMod required.

     OpenCart or above required.

  1. Download our OpenCart Multi-Carrier plugin and save locally.
  2. Use the built-in OpenCart Extension Installer to upload your saved zip file. 
  3. Go to AuctionInc and register for our OpenCart Multi-Carrier Plugin.
  4. Complete our Setup Wizard.
  5. Go to Extensions->Shipping->AuctionInc->Edit in your OpenCart Admin.
  6. Enter our provided Account Key into your OpenCart AuctionInc settings page.
  7. Configure your other default module settings on your Opencart AuctionInc settings page. 
  8. For items where your configured default settings dont apply, modify the AuctionInc settings on your Product page.


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Set Specific AuctionInc Product Settings   OpenCart Shipping Estimator with rates from Plugin



Our module's capabilities go far beyond what is available via either the native shipping capabilities of OpenCart shipping options or the other available plugins. While most shipping plugins can sometimes adequately handle simple shipping situations for simple items, they quickly break down when working with multiple items or quantities-- let alone any other complexities.  In particular, our plugin utilizes your item dimensions to generate accurate rates-- a necessity,, as all carriers now use package size as a critical component to determine rates.

The OpenCart Multi-Carrier ShippingCalc Plugin features:

  • Instant Access to carrier rates from USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.
  • Debug Mode to see how rates are being calculated.
  • FREE Support via phone, email, Live Help.
  • No setup or cancellation fees; cancel anytime. 
  • 2 Weeks FREE.

To get started, just download our OpenCart Plugin here.