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Looking to select a shopping cart for your new online store? 
If you have a store or website and are looking for a shopping cart solution that really works, then we have the answer. Paid ShopCart provides your customers with accurate real-time, highly configurable comparative shipping quotes in an easy-to-use, economical shopping cart which incorporates checkout to PayPal via our certified PayPal Payments Standard integration.  Start accepting credit card and PayPal payments online today!

One Low Price, Easy to Setup and Use
We have designed the Paid ShopCart with your needs in mind: an affordable, simple, easy-to-use cart that solves the vexing problem of shipping rates, and provides a wide variety of configuration options to effectively handle your particular business needs. Just $9.95/month!

Try our Demo Cart
Click here to see our cart in action, Add one of our demo items to our cart, and enter your zip to view comparative calculated shipping rates for tbe shipping services enabled in this demo. Change quantity or add another item to the cart to see the rates update automatically. Note the optional insurance available. Enter the noted coupon code to see prices discounted if you meet the threshold.  Select the Shipping Inspector (available only to sellers) to view all the rate details for each service.  In just a few minutes you can offer your customers all these features, and much more.

Accurate Shipping Rates
Frustrated with the messy, inaccurate, or just plain missing solution for shipping rates in other carts? Sometimes it seems like other cart providers just dont understand the critical importance for an ecommerce business of managing shipping rates effectively. Like us, you know that shipping rates can make or break your business-- especially if you are a smaller store, or just starting out. A host of research studies have concluded that using calculated shipping, and showing rates as early in the shopping experience as possible, is key to encouraging your customers to stay on your site.

Highly Flexible Configuration Options
Our base rates are procured in "real-time" directly from the carriers themselves. Their accuracy is ensured because we collect the right information from you to get the right rates from the carriers. We then fine-tune these rates to meet your needs with handling, insurance, taxes, discounts, etc. We understand shipping, and our setup options reflect the "real-life" decisions and requirements that face you in your ecommerce business.

Your customers can add as many items as they want to the shopping cart. Our shipping engine intelligently "packages" items together, based on your configuration, into one or more packages. At any time in the shopping process, just by entering their zip, your customers can immediately compare and select from the different shipping options you offer. Learn more about our calculator engine and its unique (we hold two patents on our calculation process!) capabilities.  

Top-Notch, Personal Customer Support
We put the highest premium on providing top-notch, accessible, competent customer and technical support. When you have a question or problem that needs solving for your business, you deserve rapid and helpful assistance, and thats what we deliver.

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PayPal-Ready, PayPal Certified
Not only have we made the cart easy to use but we also direct your customers to the most widely used payment service on the Internet--PayPal. Paid ShopCart is certified by PayPal as a PayPal Payments Standard cart. View a PayPal demo here.

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 Paid ShopCart Feature List

  • Supported Services
    Accurate comparative shipping rates for your choice of domestic services from UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Add our optional  Global Module for international rates from UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL.  "Local Pickup" and "Local Delivery" ship methods also available. 

  • Cart Setup
    Set up in minutes: just add our "Add to Cart" buttons to your product pages. If you are currently using the  PayPal cart, just tweak or replace your PayPal buttons. Customize the cart's "look and feel" to match your web site design. Compatible with virtually all web editors and site management systems.

  • Easy for Customers
    As soon as your customers enter the cart, they can view rates for the shipping methods you offer. As they add items to the cart, the rates are automatically updated. 

  • Coupons & Promotional Discounts
    Offer your customers coupon discounts on either item price or shipping, either for all or selected items.  Set up promotional shipping discounts based on cart subtotal for a selected class of shipping service. 

  • Flat Rate Box Pricing
    Excellent and unique support for all USPS & FedEx flat rate boxes and envelopes. Our calculator determines fit, and prices the service at the flat rate only if it is a better deal than the standard calculated rate.

  • Shipping Inspector
    Understand our rates using our Shipping Inspector, which allows only you to see all the details on how the total "Shipping & Handling" rate was calculated for each shipping service.

  • Taxes, Handling & Insurance
    • Taxes automatically calculated for appropriate state taxes.
    • Add handling at the item, package and/or order level.
    • Optional or required insurance at the thresholds you select.

  • Advanced Features for Accurate Rates
    • Unique intelligent Packaging Engine divides your cart items into the appropriate number of packages for each service, based on a variety of factors including item weight and volume, carrier service limits, etc.
    • Supports multiple ship origin locations (i.e.,"Drop Shipping" ).
    • Flag each item as packaged seperately or with other items from the same location, allowing combined shipping discounts where appropriate.
    • Fully supports all carrier dimensional-weight pricing.
    • Supports most carrier optional accessorial fees, "entry-points", and special service fees for accurate rates.
    • Also supports fixed fees, and allows offering customers a choice of different fixed fees for different services using fixed fee codes.
    • Combine calculated rate, fixed rate, and free shipping items in the same cart, and from different origins.

  • Payment Options
    Launches to PayPal, for payment by credit card or PayPal payments. Also supports Amazon Payments.

    What can the Paid ShopCart do for you?

    Increase your Orders.
    Tired of losing customers by using fixed shipping rates? Accurate shipping charges entice buyers to continue shopping and add more items to the cart. When a shopper sees an actual shipping charge that is fair they tend to purchase more.

    Quote Accurate Shipping Rates to your Customers.
    Our calculator allows your customers to see comparative shipping rates as they add items to the cart.  These rates are accurate!  Our ship engine knows how to package multiple items, accounts for package dimensions, handles drop-shipping, etc.  We are confident that our calculator is the most accurate web product commercially available for comparative rates.

    Increase your Sales Close Ratio.
    As a store or website owner converting shoppers into buyers can be your biggest obstacle. With ShopCart, accurate shipping rates and PayPal checkout, buyers will continually return to your site for the products you offer.

    Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment.
    Jupiter Media Metrix claims that a recent study found that 63% of shoppers abandoned a shopping cart due to high shipping charges. With accurate shipping charges you will see a decrease in your abandonment rates and watch your business grow.

    Add Professional Appearance.
    Shoppers are more likely to do business with a site that uses cutting edge technology and tools that make the shopping experience easy.

    Improve Your Customer Service.
    You will improve your customer service scores by giving shoppers the option to choose the shipping service most convenient for them as well as provide accurate real-time shipping quotes.

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