Typically when troubles arise while trying to call the Shipping Calculator API, the problems can be broken down into two categories: Below are a few useful tools that can help you solve the problem.

Invalid XML Format

The first thing to try is to make certain that your XML is properly formatted by using the XML Validation tool.

XML Validation Tool

Paste your XML in the text area below, and validate it by pressing the [Validate XML] button. Make sure to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to test.

Shipping Calculator API XML Test

If the XML is properly formatted then the next step is to see if your XML contains the correct XML tags necessary for the API. You can use the following form to call the Shipping Calculator API directly.

Paste your XML into the text area below, and call the API by pressing the [Call API] button.

Communications Errors

If you have successfully made it through the above tests then it appears that your XML is properly formatted and has the required elements for the API. This leaves communications as the likely cause of the problem. Here are a few suggestions:

Non-SSL communications

When calling the web service, use http://api.auctioninc.com, not https://api.auctioninc.com

Monitor Network Communications

If you are developing on the Windows Platform, you can try YATT (Yet Another Trace Tool) to capture the communication between you system and the API server. YATT is a great little utility that can help when troubleshooting socket communications and the best thing is, IT'S FREE.

After downloading and installing the WinPCAP 3.0 Driver DLL and the YATT Tool, start tracing your communications by entering http://api.auctioninc.com into YATT.