The Paid ShopCart

The Paid ShopCart is a simple HTML based shopping cart that allows your customers to purchase multiple items and checkout with a single payment made through either PayPal or Google Checkout. A distinct advantage of the Paid ShopCart is that it allows a seller to provide real world shipping and handling charges to your shoppers. The Paid ShopCart can be easily integrated into your website with just a few easy steps.

How it works:
  1. Register for the Paid ShopCart.

  2. Complete our Setup Wizard to configure your shipping, sales tax, and insurance and other preferences.

  3. Fill out our easy to use Cart Item HTML Wizard to create your item's "Add to Cart" button. Specify the name, price, weight and other details of the item you wish to sell.

  4. Click the "Generate Cart HTML" to create a unique HTML code for that item.

  5. Paste the unique HTML code into your website where you would like the "Add to Cart" button to appear.

  6. When a buyer clicks the "Add to Cart" button, the item is added to your cart on our cart page. The buyer can then enter their zip code and select from the shipping services you offer. When they are ready to make the purchase, the buyer clicks the "Checkout" button and pays for their items through PayPal or Google Checkout  Their selected shipping method will appear as the last item in the order in your PayPal/Google order data.

See screenshots of each step. NEXT

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