WooCommerce ShippingCalc Plugin Shipping Estimator for WooCommerce
X-Cart ShippingCalc Plugin Integrated shipping module
Magento ShippingCalc Plugin Shipping Estimator for Magento
ShopCart with ShippingCalc Accurate shipping rates for our HTML cart
Shipping Rates API XML Web service for real-time shipping calculations

Take the Guess out of Shipping!


Intelligent Packaging for Multiple Items

Multiple items and quantities are rated correctly with our algorithms that can predict your package configuration.

Dimensional Weight

We automatically calculate dimensional weight, and compare to physical weight to determine accurate rates for all services.

USPS Flat Rate Boxes & Envelopes

We determine fit, compare flat rate box cost to the regular carrier-calculated rate, and price accordingly.

Handling Charges

Robust options for adding fixed or percentage handling per item, per package, or per order.

Package Materials Weight

Configure your settings to take your pack material and box weight into account separately from your product weights.

Rate Inspectors

Inspect the specific packaging and rate components that make up the final rate for each service.


Include carrier or third-party insurance cost utilizing your configured insurance thresholds.

Drop Shipping

Supports shipping from multiple locations linking each item to the appropriate origin and determining summary rates.

Fixed Fees

Utilize fixed fees when appropriate with variety of highly configurable options.

On-Demand Services

Restrict items to particular shipping services.

Promotional Shipping Discounts

Discounts or free shipping for shipping service classes based total item value thresholds.

Special Carrier Charges

Supports all optional carrier fees, from Special Handling or Signature Required to Hazardous item.

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